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Dr. Jana Hawley

[3/20/20 - Please see my "Message to Students - COVID-19 - https://cals.arizona.edu/fcs/message-to-students ]

Welcome to the John and Doris Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences website.  Our school has been an integral part of the University of Arizona since 1900.  During this long history we have served the citizens of Arizona, the nation, and the world through our programs, scholarship, institutes, and community involvement.  While the focus and strategic goals have changed over time, the school is still deeply rooted in its land-grant roots.  With three academic units and three institutes, we offer programs that expand the potential of families, communities, and the marketplace. Our goal is to be the hub to which policymakers, business and community leaders, and individuals turn for research, education, and well-prepared graduates.

Faculty and staff share in the responsibility of preparing our students to meet current and future challenges.  Students who enroll in Norton School programs become part of a welcoming culture where science and social responsibility converge. We are focused on preparing our students with content knowledge, professional growth, leadership development, ethical integrity, and service. The strength of our curriculum comes from faculty who integrate teaching and scholarship.

We are proud of our accomplishments and take pride in the national reputation of our programs in family and consumer sciences. We also take pride in our alumni who represent our school with distinction in their chosen careers.  These careers span the professions of education, community development, business and industry, social services, technology, and public service, to name a few.

Declining state resources mean that we rely on the financial support of our loyal alumni and friends to fulfill our mission. Generous financial contributions from our supporters allow us to continue to meet our strategic mission.

The Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences is truly a place that prepares students for exciting, rewarding careers in our communities and across the globe. Employers compete for our graduates with career opportunities as varied and dynamic as the Family and Consumer Sciences curricula.  We invite you to navigate our website to see how we are inspiring the next generation of students to meet the challenges of our changing world.  We also invite you to schedule a visit to campus and McClelland Park. 

Laura Scaramella, Ph.D.
Director, John and Doris Norton School

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