Chart Your Course in Financial Planning

You'll develop a deep understanding that goes beyond dollars and cents when you pursue a degree in personal and family financial planning from the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Arizona. You’ll take part in courses that help you understand your ethical and fiduciary responsibilities, as well as classes focused on personal and family dynamics.

Personal & Family Financial Planning Class Sampler

You'll complete general education requirements, core financial planning classes, and a selection of electives designed to increase your understanding of the various issues individuals and families face when making financial decisions. In addition, you'll engage in a required internship that will demonstrate your on-the-job ability to future clients and employers.

Fundamentals of Personal and Family Financial Planning

A broad overview of personal and family financial planning emphasizing the financial planning process and financial strategies for individuals and families, savings and cash flow management, insurance, investments, taxes, use of credit and time value of money.

Applied Family Investment Planning and Savings Strategies

Evaluate personal and family investment options, including the risks and rate of return for each type of investment.

Personal and Family Risk Management

An introduction to the techniques and issues of risk management and insurance with an emphasis on individual and family needs.

Applied Personal and Family Income Tax Planning

An introduction to federal income taxation and the role of the tax code in financial planning for individuals, families, businesses and business owners.

Personal and Family Estate Planning: Concepts and Applications

Learn the principles and fundamentals of the estate planning process, as well as the various strategies and techniques available for generating a constructive estate plan.

Retirement Savings and Family Income Strategies

A look at public and private retirement plans, as well as the role employee benefits play when counseling others on retirement and employee benefit decisions.

Professional Conduct and Fiduciary Responsibility Seminar

An overview of professional conduct standards within the financial planning industry, including ethical behavior, fiduciary responsibility, and disciplinary rules and regulations.

Internship Experience

Designed as a supervised, practical experience providing students a hands-on opportunity to work in a professional setting within the financial planning/wealth management industry, internships offer the student supervision and advanced training for future personal financial planning careers.

Capstone: Family and Personal Financial Plan Development

Develop and present a comprehensive financial plan centered on financial data provided during the course.

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