Lakin Family Plaza

Located outisde of McClelland Park, the Lakin Family Plaza, the first of its kind at the university, honors parents, children, grandchildren, and other relatives, and family as a whole. The plaza is an pportunity to recognize their legacy, to show love, and to pass on to future generations a visible memento of dedication to education and UA pride. For years to come, family members can visit the plaza, see familiar names, reminisce and look to the future, all the while enjoying a beautiful outdoor setting devoted to the idea of family.

About Chuck and Maxine Lakin:

The Lakins, long-time residents and pioneers of Arizona, and proud parents and grandparents, have long valued the institutions of family, community, and education as integral components of successful societies.  Charles A. "Chuck" Lakin attended the University of Arizona (UA) College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and has been involved in Arizona agriculture nearly his entire life.  He pioneered the development of the complete-pellet horse feeds for which Lakin Milling Company became known.  A firm believer in education and a strong supporter of youth/educational programs, Chuck Lakin has received numerous awards, among them the State of Arizona’s Distinguished Citizen Award.  He was also named Agriculturalist of the Year.  

Maxine Lakin graduated from UA and has maintained a lifelong commitment to improving agricultural practices, education, and the environment.  Besides serving as a high school teacher, she has worked in a number of business-related positions, at Standard Oil Company, for the Sacramento County Welfare Office, and for Western Airlines.  She was elected to the Phoenix Union High School Board of Education and later appointed as a Commissioner on Arizona’s Environment.  She has also held leadership positions on more than a dozen other boards, been recognized in Who’s Who in America, and received several awards such as the Lifetime Award from the UA/CALS and the Diana Award.  

Map to Donor Pavers on the Lakin Plaza

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