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The Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences offers programs leading to degrees with a major in family and consumer sciences with concentrations in family studies and human development, family and consumer sciences education, retailing and consumer sciences; and a graduate degree program with a major in family and consumer sciences and a concentration in family studies and human development emphasizing interpersonal relationships or human development; or a concentration in retailing and consumer sciences emphasizing retailing management or consumer behaviors.


Family Studies and Human Development
Family studies and human development involves the scientific study of family structures, interactions, and outcomes, emphasizing change over time in individual, interactional, and group level phenomena. Emphases are available in interpersonal relationships and human development.

Retailing and Consumer Science
Retailing and Consumer Science majors examine retail marketing and management principles that are applied across a broad spectrum of U.S. and global retail businesses including store, catalog, internet, and services firms and other businesses that support these diverse retailers. Academic and research programs focus on retail marketing of products and services to consumers. Outstanding instructional and research programs delivered by RCSC's energetic and dedicated faculty are responsible for the program's growing reputation for excellence and its proven track record for career placement of its graduates.


Family Studies and Human Development
Family and Consumer Sciences Fashion Minor


Retailing and Consumer Science
Family Studies and Human Development Hands On Learning


Norton School Student Services Center
Our goal is to provide a mentoring and informative environment which continually and consistently encourages the expansion of knowledge, skills, and experiences. We aim to provide a navigational system that empowers students to achieve educational, personal, and career goals.

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To develop focused and practical team-building, community service, and presentation skills, the Norton School boasts  an number of organized clubs that offer students the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world experiences.

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