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Strengthening families, communities, and the marketplace...

The John and Doris Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences provides instructional, research, extension and outreach programs that enable families, individual family members and consumers to achieve an optimum quality of life throughout the life span. Instructional programs prepare professionals for careers serving families and consumers in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing society.

There are two broad areas of study:

• In Retailing and Consumer Science students prepare for management careers in retail merchandising, buying, marketing, and operations, digital, new product development, and related fields. The program explores retail leadership, omnichannel and multi-channel retailing, marketing, e-commerce, vertically-integrated brands, innovation and entrepreneurship, product development, sustainable consumption, and customer insight and development. Both a major and minor in Retailing and Consumer Science are offered.

With an undergraduate degree in Retailing and Consumer Science from the Norton School, our graduates move forward into the business world equipped to become leaders in a global marketplace (Read more and view statistics).

Family Studies and Human Development focuses on generation and dissemination of basic and applied knowledge concerned with human development and family relations throughout the life span. Students will enjoy satisfying professions that improve the quality of life for families and individuals of all ages.  Graduates will be able to demonstrate their dedication in careers that focus more on people than bottom lines.

With a professional undergraduate degree in family studies and human development from the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences, our graduates are prepared with real-world experiences to explore careers in the fields of family health, criminal justice, psychology and other related areas (Read more and view statistics).

Please read our message from our Director, Dr. Laura Scaramella.

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