Family Studies and Human Development

The mission of the Academic Program of Family Studies and Human Development is to provide excellence in research, teaching, and outreach that strengthens families and human development across the lifespan. Our vision is to become the premier program in Family Studies and Human Development through timely and diverse scholarship.

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Young familyThe Academic Program of Family Studies and Human Development (FSHD) offers Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Master of Science (M.S.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees and maintains active research, outreach, and extension programs. In addition, the FSHD Academic Program is affiliated with The McClelland Institute for Children, Youth, and Families that facilitates multidisciplinary research and outreach on critical issues facing children, youth, and families.


Female StudentThe FSHD Academic Program provides more than just a curriculum for its students. Our goal is to provide a rich and rewarding educational experience in which students receive all possible opportunities to flourish. At the undergraduate level, students have the opportunity to enhance their classroom learning through involvement in a variety of non-classroom experiences, including internships, faculty-supervised research, and student orgranizations such as the FSHD Ambassadors.  Our graduate students have the opportunity to conduct research and co-author with faculty mentors, attend colloquia offered by leading national and international scholars, and gain leadership skills through participation in Academic Program committees and the Family Studies Student Roundtable (FSSRT). 

Social Justice Statement

As faculty, staff, and students in the Family Studies and Human Development (FSHD) program, we recognize that historically underrepresented individuals and groups experience marginalization, exclusion, and hostility, even within our own institution. We are dedicated to inclusive and collaborative research, teaching, and outreach, and we are invested in making a difference in our academic and broader communities with a strengths-based approach to social justice. Our guiding values are equality, compassion, listening respectfully to all voices, and remaining hopeful as we work towards justice for all.


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