Minor in Personal and Family Financial Planning

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The minor in Personal and Family Financial Planning prepares students for careers that promote financial success for the individual, the family, and the community, and compliment a wide variety of majors.  For more information about the Personal and Family Financial Planning Program, please contact Richard P. Rosen, J.D. You may also Connect with an Advisor.

The required courses to complete the PFFP Minor are as follows:

PFFP 310: Fundamentals of PFFP
PFFP 311: Applied Family Investment Planning & Savings Strategies
PFFP 314: Personal & Family Risk Management
PFFP 315: Applied Personal & Family Income Tax Planning (Fall course only)
PFFP 402: Personal & Family Estate Planning
PFFP 403: Retirement Savings & Family Income Strategies
PFFP 498: Capstone

The prerequisites for the classes are as follows:

For PFFP 310, PFFP 314, PFFP 315, & PFFP 402
Math 116 or 113
ACCT 200
ECON 200

For PFFP 311 and PFFP 403
Math 116 or 113
ACCT 200
ECON 200
ACCT 210

For PFFP 498

All of the other PFFP minor classes must be completed before PFFP 498 (Capstone)


For more information, please contact an Advisor:

Tiffany Ortega
Academic Advisor
Advises: PFFP Majors
Office: McClelland Park Bldg. Rm 203H
Student Services Main Office Phone: 621-1295

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