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To develop focused and practical team-building, community service, and presentation skills , the Norton School boasts a number of organized clubs that offer students the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world experiences.

Terry J. Lundgren Center Student Advisory Board (SAB)
A premier student touch point that connects retailing students to the Lundgren Center for Retailing’s Corporate Advisory Board partners, on and off campus. The Student Advisory Board is a dynamic team of diverse individuals who are dedicated to applying the skill and energy required to maintain and satisfy the relationships with the Corporate Advisory Board. As ambassadors of the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing, we seek to build relationships between students searching for a career in retailing and the corporate world. By having the support of the Corporate Advisory Board partners and sponsors, RCSC students are able to experience unique opportunities in career and professional development opportunities, which include internships, study tours, in-class industry speakers, and research.

For more information please email at

Family Studies and Human Development Ambassadors
Through philanthropic efforts and outreach, FSHD Ambassadors educate potential and existing students about the benefits of service in the community, provide for families in need, build relationships among faculty, students, alumni, and community, while developing future service professionals.

For more information please email at

Take Charge Cats
The Take Charge Cats, formerly the Credit-Wise Cats, began in 2000 with just 5 University of Arizona students educating their peers on campus. Today, the Cats have grown to a team of 15 ambassadors. The Cats have extended their educational outreach efforts by improving the financial literacy of over 21,000 young adults throughout Tucson high schools and community organizations.

For more information please email at

TREND – TREND is a business club catering to the fashion industry.

Trend is the home of both business and fashion as our 60+ members learn from leaders in the industry and from faculty from the Fashion and Retailing and Consumer Science programs, and pursue their goals in the fashion industry.

Each year, Trend selects members to travel to the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show, the largest fashion trade show in the US, in Las Vegas, Nevada, participate in Phoenix Fashion Week,  and are consistently learning from representatives from local and national retailers. However, our favorite event of the year is our completely student-run fashion show during UA Fashion Week that features looks of local designers and our own Trend members.

To showcase our member's work we maintain an active fashion blog. There, you will find our favorite trends, tips, and inspirations for your next look. Whatever your passion and goals are in fashion, you are sure to find a home in Trend.

With Trend, you are sure to find something that inspires you!

For more information please contact us at

Retail Entrepreneurship Club (REC)

Retail Entrepreneurship Club (REC) offers students opportunities to apply their entrepreneurial spirit in partnership with local businesses. The students are helping a UA alumni entrepreneur to promote her business on campus and planning a conference called Think Big to explore how the seed of an idea can grow into a thriving business.

For more information please email at

NRFSA (National Retail Federation Student Association)

The National Retail Federation is the world's largest retail trade association and through their philanthropic arm, the NRF Foundation, they currently partner with 80+ colleges and universities on a program that promotes careers in retail. The University of Arizona's National Retail Federation Student Association (NRFSA) provides talented students with unique traveling and networking opportunities, case competitions, renowned scholarships, and access to the latest industry news and research. Each year, a cohort of NRFSA members are selected to attend the NRF Big Show Student Program in New York City and visit Terry J. Lundgren Center Corporate Partners to learn about potential career opportunities and network! 

The NRF Foundation offers competitive student scholarship opportunities for students at member schools. In addition, students of any major are encouraged to join! 

For more information about enhancing your professional development and gaining valuable leadership skills, email(link sends e-mail) the NRFSA Executive Board today!

For more information please email at

The Cutting Edge Sewing Club

Sewing Club at the University of Arizona. Meetings every other Fridays at 1:30pm! McClelland Park Rm. 425 For more information please email at

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