Family Studies and Human Development Advising

We are located in McClelland Park room 203. McClelland Park is at the corner of Park and 4th Street right across from the Park Student Union.


Liz Collins
Academic Advisor
3rd & 4th Year FSHD Majors 
FSHD Minors
FSHD internships
Office: McClelland Park, Room 203F
Student Services Main Office: 520-621-1295
Direct Phone: 520-621-0835

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Sarah Kleinfeld
Academic Advisor
1st & 2nd Year FSHD Majors
Office: McClelland Park, Room 203D
Student Services Main Office: 520-621-1295
Direct Phone: 520-621-9644

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Upcoming FSHD Drop-In Hours (Liz & Sarah):
No Drop-Ins currently scheduled - Please make an appointment!

All Drop Ins will take place via zoom. Please refer to the eSMS How To Guide for instructions on how to join! 
Make sure you look for the Drop In queue and choose FSHD drop ins!


Meeting with Your Academic Advisor: 
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View the eSMS how-to-guide for help making appointments or attending drop-in hours

  • Appointments are available in person, through zoom, or over the phone.
    • When scheduling your appointment, please select the correct modality based on how you would like to attend! 
  • The Student Services Office is located in McClelland Park room 203 and is open from 8:30-4:30 Monday-Thursday for in person meetings or virtual meetings.
    • During the fall semester our office will be closed on Fridays, and all Friday appoinments will take place over phone or zoom. 
  • Drop-in meetings as well as 15 & 30 minute appointments are available - please choose the appointment time that fits best for your needs.
    • See images below to choose the meeting best for you, and to get tips about how to prepare for your meeting!
  • Appointments are only available to declared FSHD majors or minors.
    • Students interested in the FSHD Major or Minor are asked to email Liz or Sarah with general questions or to set up an appointment

Interested in Declaring the FSHD Major or Minor? Please Click Here to learn more


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