Arizona Western College and Norton School FSHD Degree Program

The UA and Arizona Western College have partnered to provide an accessible and affordable bachelor's degree program to students who live in Yuma County.  Students in Yuma, Ariz. can complete a bachelor of science degree from the University of Arizona without ever attending the main campus.

The online option for the bachelor of science in family studies and human development is charged with improving access to education and building capacity in rural communities.

Students have been able to take UA classes online for years, partially fulfilling degree requirements. And many students currently take a combination of on-campus and online classes or complete some degree requirements at community colleges before transferring to the UA to complete their degrees.

With two years of community college completed, admitted students will be able to earn the UA degree by completing all of their additional requirements – two more years – online.

While individual classes are open to any qualified student, the pilot degree program is available only to students who complete two years required coursework at Arizona Western College.

See the Arizona Transfer Admissions Pathway for more information on the program.

Contact Christina Hawkey, Arizona Western College,, (928) 344-1723 for more information at Arizona Western College. 

Contact Norton School Student Services for advising information at the University of Arizona.

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