Long-term Vegetation Transects

The Long-term Vegetation Transects database provides access to long-term (from 12 to more than 70 years) records of vegetation measurements completed at 1 to 7-year intervals on over 200 permanent transects on the Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER).

The Ongoing Vegetation Transects include all measures of cover, density, and basal diameter made on 131 transects that are a subset of the transects established between 1953 and 1972 during USFS Studies FSRM 1706-09, FSRM 1706-12, FSRM 1706-15, and FSRM 1706-25. These 131 transects have been re-measured by the University of Arizona since 1991 and every three years since.

The SRER Exclosures were established in 1916-1935. For a subset of 22 exclosures, Ecological Site boundaries were mapped in exclosures and outside exclosures within 250 m of livestock exclosure fence in 2010. In 2011, for each Ecological Site, two transects were located within the exclosure and two transects outside the exclosure. Transect locations were selected to represent the conditions. Data include all measures of cover, density, and basal diameter made on 96 transects since they were established. They have been re-measured every three years.

The database for Plant Species on Transects provides the genus, specific epithet, and authority names for all species included in the Ongoing Vegetation and Exclosure Transects. In addition, there is a translation of the species codes used in those databases and a synonymy table to assist in understanding scientific name changes.

Data users are requested to acknowledge their use of the database in publications, research proposals, websites, and other outlets by following the Instructions for Use, Citations, and Acknowledgement.

Digitaria californica (Arizona cottontop) inflorescens in summer

Plant Species on Transects

A list of names, codes, and synonyms is given for the perennial species identified during the vegetation transect measurements conducted on the SRER.

View of transect 6B_2W from 0

Ongoing Vegetation Transects

Ongoing Vegetation Transect Measurement Protocols

Ongoing Vegetation Transect Data

Figures for cover, density, and perennial grass biomass

UTM coordinates and Ecological Site Designations for the Ongoing Vegetation Transects

Photographs of the Ongoing Vegetation Transects since 1957 for viewing and downloading

Original Source Studies

View of the entrance of the Huerfano Station exclosure

Exclosure Transects

Exclosure Transect Measurement Protocols

Exclosure Transect Data

UTM coordinates and Ecological Site Designations for Exclosure Transects

Photographs of the Exclosure Transects since 2011 for viewing and downloading

Maps of the exclosures with transect locations and Ecological Sites