Research Equipment and Lab Space

The Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER) provides Research Equipment and Lab Space to support a variety of research projects.

Research_mobile ATV-car kit.png

ATV/car kit available for mobile and temporary use to provide internet connection in remote locations.

A stable high-speed Wi-Fi connection is available at the Florida Station (SRER HQ) for researchers and visitors using the SRER facilities.

Moreover, the SRER has a series of connected zones that receive internet via
portable radio antennas, capable of extending Wi-Fi from the SRER HQ or Flux Towers and connecting the research pastures back to the UA Campus. These devices provide researchers that need a stable internet connection in the field an outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot at remote locations, good for two hundred sq feet surrounding the portable radio antenna, and able to connect any Wi-Fi-enabled device to the internet without incurring data-use charges or data caps. Average download and upload speeds are about 50 Mbps.
or mobile and temporary use, an ATV/car kit is available to researchers that have submitted the SRER Range Use Application. For longer studies, an antenna can be provided under the same conditions (it requires 1A of DC power – to be provided by the researcher)

For further information and to request the radio antenna or the ATV/car kit, please contact the University of Arizona CCT (
Applicants will be asked to provide the SRER Range Use Application approved and signed.

The Lab Space at the Florida Station provides the baseline equipment for a variety of ecological research and monitoring projects including multiple binocular dissecting scopes, balance, drying oven, hot plate, beakers, sample fridge/ freezer, terrarium, hand lenses, hand probes, quadrants, and transect tapes. This space can also host specialized equipment to meet the needs of specific research projects. Locker space is provided for equipment and sample storage. The lab also features a small classroom and office space. See Using facilities for more information.