The Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER) is a field station uniquely positioned to support research, education, and outreach in the Southwest. Researchers from around the country are drawn to the SRER since its 21,000 ha (52,000 acres) can support a wide range of experiments across several key vegetation types. Moreover, the SRER offers unique opportunities for recreation. Over the years it has become a critical open space where increasingly threatened sensitive and endangered species and ecosystems coexist with a rapidly growing human population practicing outdoor activities (e.g. hiking, biking, hunting, camping).

The following pages provide all the information necessary to researchers and visitors planning to visit the SRER. Due to the incommensurable value of the range and the environmental constraints, information includes Rules of behavior and Safety tips to ensure the SRER continues pursuing its aims, as well as the visitors, enjoy the time spent outdoors.

Santa Rita mountains over SRER at sunset

Visiting the SRER

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