Historical Research Project Archive

This section provides access to the Historical Research Digital Archive for the Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER). 

The archive includes documents for 83 research projects initiated on the Santa Rita Experimental Range between 1916 and 1954. The documents include study plans describing the goals and design of the research, data collected during the project, maps of the study area and location of various experimental treatments, and photographs of the study area.

The study plans, data, and maps are presented as pdf format files, and the photographs are presented as jpg (or jpeg) format files. All files can be downloaded and used free of charge because they are public domain documents that report research paid for by the US Government. Users of this information are requested to acknowledge their use of this archive in publications, research proposals, websites, and other outlets with the following statement "Data sets were provided by the Santa Rita Experimental Range Digital Database. Funding for the digitization of these data was provided by USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station and the University of Arizona, Arizona Experiment Station". Visit the page Instructions for Use, Citations, and Acknowledgment for more information.

Instructions for using the Archive and exploring data available for download are provided on the pages listed below.

Instructions for Using the Archive

Documents are organized by Study Area.

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Historical Research Digital Archive for the Santa Rita Experimental Range

Search for and download research documents from work completed between 1916-1954 for 83 study areas.