Livestock Use

The Livestock Use database provides access to documents and information related to the grazing use and management of the Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER) since 1908.

Livestock (cow, calf, and bull cattle) are privately owned. The management of their grazing on the SRER is a collaborative process between the owners, Santa Rita Ranch, and the SRER since 1972. That collaboration grew and matured in 2006 when a new adaptive management approach was applied to the planning and management of grazing.

Researchers, instructors, and other interested parties are advised to consult the pages listed below to learn the specific location, timing, and the number of livestock expected in each pasture; as well as the actual use in those areas. Historic grazing plans are also available for reference. Pasture and range boundaries to be used on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to support grazing research are available at Spatial Data

Cows around a water point in pasture 6B on the SRER

Current Grazing Schedule

Download the current Livestock Management Plan on the SRER




Comparison of Planned Livestock Use and Actual Use Since 2006

Pdf files report the planned use and the actual use for each year since the start of the new grazing management program in October 2006

Monthly Livestock Use by Pasture Since 1908

Livestock Grazing History

History for Individual Pastures

History of Total Use

History of Pasture Size

Grass Utilization by Livestock Since 2010

Average grass utilization

Digitaria californica (Arizona cottontop) inflorescens in summer

Grass Production by Pasture

Average grass production by pasture