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This page provides access to the new Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER) digital archive, the longest record of data available in the Southwest for long-term measurements of climate, vegetation change, livestock use, experimental land use treatments, and repeat photography.

Currently, the digital archive is divided into 13 main sections, listed below. Data users are requested to acknowledge their use of the database in publications, research proposals, websites, and other outlets by following the Instructions for Use, Citations, and Acknowledgement.

The following Update Log records the history of revisions made to the SRER digital archive.

SRER_Update Log_2024May07.docx

SRER_Update Log_2024May07.docx
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Historical Map of the Santa Rita Experimental Range from Medina 1996

Collection of static mps of the SRER and links to other map resources.

Repeat photography at the Santa Rita Experimental Range

Description of Repeat Photography Archive

Find Photos on a Map

UTM Coordinates of Photo Stations

Examples of Vegetation Changes

Drone Imagery

Links to external drone imagery repositories from past research projects conducted on the SRER.

Precipitation measurements at the Santa Rita Experimental Range


Precipitation Measurement Protocol

Precipitation Data Since 1922

Visualize and Explore SRER Precipitation Data

UTM Coordinates of Rain Stations

Name History of Rain Stations

Additional Resources

Studying Ecological Sites and Soils at the Santa Rita Experimental Range

Soil Data and Ecological Sites

Soil Types

Ecological Sites

View of a green Santa Rita Experimental Range after the monsoon season.JPG


2003 Flora by Medina

Flora Update's

Additional resources

Long-term Vegetation Transects

Plant Species on Transects

Ongoing Vegetation Transects

Exclosure Transects


Cow and calf grazing on the Santa Rita Experimental Range

Livestock Use

Current Grazing Schedule

Comparison of Planned Livestock Use and Actual Use Since 2006

Monthly Livestock Use by Pasture Since 1916

Grass Utilization by Livestock Since 2010

Grass Production by Pasture


Example of Map on GIS of the Santa Rita Experimental Range

Spatial Data

Current Spatial Data

Archived Spatial Data (2001-2008)


View of the Home Page for the Historical Digital Archive of the Santa Rita Experimental Range

Historical Research Project Archive

Introduction and Instructions for Using the Archive

Historical Research Digital Archive for the Santa Rita Experimental Range

NEON Tower Hut Landscape at the SRER

National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)

NEON Observational Sampling at SRER

NEON Automated Instruments at SRER

NEON Airborne Remote Sensing at SRER

Accessing NEON’s Spatial Data and Maps


USDA-ARS Ecosystem-Atmosphere Water and Carbon Exchange

Water and Carbon Exchange Study Background

Water and Carbon Exchange Graphs and Data

Other Water and Carbon Exchange External Resources


Logo of the Santa Rita Experimental Range

Additional Research Datasets

Links to external data repositories from ongoing and past research projects conducted on the SRER.