Annotated Bibliography (1903 - 1988)

The Annotated Bibliography included in Medina's publication Santa Rita Experimental Range: History and Annotated Bibliography (1903-1988) is a compilation of approximately 98% of all published research conducted on the Santa Rita Experimental Range (SRER) between 1903-1988. The remaining 2% are those that are obscure in the voluminous publication outlets available for perusal or where the study area is not cited. The importance of the immense research cited is that much of our current knowledge of the range and wildlife management of semidesert grassland ecosystems is derived from this work. Most of the research was performed entirely on SRER, with some investigations using SRER as a treatment site. Other works relate to SRER in that plant, soil, or animal products were taken from SRER for laboratory studies.

In addition, four Appendices to the publication list soils, vertebrates, and plant species known from the SRER, and annotated historical maps to assist the user in locating specific studies.

The over 450 references and works of over 225 authors listed and described by Medina, as well as the appendices, are provided below. References and related annotations are listed both in alphabetical order and indexed by subject.


Medina, Alvin L. 1996. The Santa Rita Experimental Range: History and Annotated Bibliography (1903-1988). General Technical Report RM-GTR-276 Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station Forest Service U.S. Department of Agriculture. 67 p.