Engaged learning

Get guidance

Talk with your academic advisor or schedule an appointment with LifeLab to match your interests with available CALES student engagement opportunities or to help you design an experience that’s unique to you.

Externships in sustainability

Arizona undergraduate students with an interest in community sustainability are matched with professional agriculture and life science organizations across all 15 Arizona counties. Students work 35 hours/week for 10 weeks during the summer, from mid-May to August, alongside local Cooperative Extension faculty and staff. Projects change every year based on county needs.

Engaged learning courses

Begin taking engaged learning courses early in your academic career and check in often, as 100% Engagement experiences are added all the time. Browse the Office of Student Engagement's database of all co-curricular experiences and search the Arizona course catalog by following these steps:

  1. Visit the course catalog
  2. Select the campus you are searching for
  3. Check to make sure that you're searching the current term
  4. Open the advanced filters and select the Course Attribute dropdown for Student Engagement Activities

100% Engagement

100% Engagement is unique to the University of Arizona and, as such, is a unique opportunity to set yourself apart from the crowd at job or graduate school interviews. As an Arizona undergraduate student, you choose your 100% Engagement experience based on your goals, your schedule and your interests — no “one-size-fits-all” here. 100% Engagement experiences are created by faculty and staff and combine one activity (what you’ll do) and one competency (what you’ll learn about). Based on which student engagement experience you choose, you can:

  • Earn credit with in-class experiences or participate in co-curricular experiences without credit
  • Participate in experiences online, on-campus, in the local Tucson community, throughout Arizona or across the globe
  • Complete your experience over an academic year, in a semester or over summer break
  • Earn course credit, a stipend/salary or volunteer your time