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Details about poster presentation are now posted in the posters page. Click the "poster information" link on the left navigation bar above for details!

Check out the information about shuttle service from Tucson and Phoenix airports to Marriott in the "shuttle from airports" link on the left navigation bar above for details!

Details about talks in the conference are now posted in the oral presentations page. Click the "Oral presentations" link on the left navigation bar above for details!


We prohibit photographing, video taping, or recording of posters using any kind of camera phones and digital devices. Digital recording may be done provided the author of the poster is present and if given permission by the author(s).

Poster size and formatting
The maximum size allocated for each poster is 4' x 4'. Make sure you use a font (type and size) that will be easily readable.
Include a title, full name of authors and institutional affiliations. Underline the name of the presenting author.

Poster set up, removal and display times
A special hall will be dedicated for posters and the posters will remain up for viewing throughout the meeting.

The posters can be set up from 7am on Oct. 17, 2008 (Friday) and need to be removed no later than 2pm on Oct. 19, 2008 (Sunday). Display boards and tacks will be provided by the conference.

Poster organization
Posters will be organized in rows by the six sessions of the conference. Place your poster on the half side of the board below where your abstract number is posted.

Poster numbering
Abstract numbers are preceeded with the poster session number (For example, P1 for pollen developement and growth poster session; P2 for Female gametophyte development and function session etc.) and then run from -03 increasing numerically, in the alphabetical order of the participating author's last name (underlined in the abstract). In each session, the first two or three posters will be those that were selected for oral presentations. Check the listing of abstracts in the program book to find your abstract number. All poster abstracts ,within each session, are arranged alphabetically, by the last name of the first author of the submitted poster.

If you did not submit your abstract for a poster online before the deadline (Sep. 30, 2008), please place them in the Late Section on a first come, first placement basis.

Poster preparation help
If you need help with preparation of posters, please access this link in ASPB for some excellent tips on how to make a great poster:

Exclusive poster sessions
Friday, October 17, 2008

1pm – 2pm Poster session (please stand by your poster if it is even numbered)

5pm – 6pm Poster session (please stand by your poster if it is even numbered)

Poster compeition
During the exclusive poster sessions, a committee of three faculty judges will identify three top posters for a cash award of $500 (first prize), $300 (second prize) and $200 (third prize). The prizes will be announced and awarded during the conference banquet dinner (October 18, 2008).