Second Annual Arizona Insect Festival Draws Thousands (of Humans)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The second annual Arizona Insect Festival, organized by the College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences Entomology Department, brought lots of bugs and a few thousand bug enthusiasts to the UA campus on September 15. More than 20 interactive booths in the Student Union ballroom featured many of the University of Arizona's top researchers as well as students from the departments of entomology, neurosciences, and ecology and evolutionary biology.

Geared to all ages, especially families, the festival offers theme-based, interactive activities and exhibits to teach about the importance of insects in our daily lives and to reveal exciting University of Arizona research. Insects play unique and diverse roles – such as litter decomposition – in maintaining healthy ecosystems, enhancing crop productivity, pollinating native plants, spreading disease and affecting our urban environments. Exhibits included cockroach cuddling, glow-in-the-dark insects, bug illnesses, an insect sting pain scale, and caterpillar petting. Guests were invited to taste different eatable bugs and try their hands at bug-themed arts and crafts.

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