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Special Notice: Roundup Ready Alfalfa
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Survey On Herbicide Tolerant And Insect Resistant Crops

Pink Bollworm Eradication Program


Special Notice: Roundup Ready Alfalfa

2007 - In the August 3 Federal Register USDA published a notification advising the public that beginning on August 6th USDA would be providing both current and prospective alfalfa farmers with information on the proximity of thier farms or fields to Roundup Ready alfalfa. Beginning August 6th farmers can call 866-724-6408 (M-F, 8:00 to 5:00 Eastern time) to find out the location of nearby fields of Roundup Ready alfalfa. This service is avalible to farmers who produce either conventional or organic alfalfa or to farmers who plan to produce this crop. Farmers will need to provide either latitude and longitude or the mailing address of thier farm or field where the alfalfa is or will be grown. In addition farmers can access a list of counties in Western staes where Roundup Ready alfalfa is grown on the USDA/APHIS Biotechnology Alfalfa Locations web page.


Update on Pink Bollworm Resistance to BT Cotton in the Southwest (6/04) PDF file, 249KB

Compliance with Bt Cotton Refuge Requirements in AZ (2004) PDF file, 340KB

Bt Cotton - site from the University of Arizona

The BT Cotton in Arizona Series
No.1: What Will Change? (6/97), PDF file, 31KB
No.2: '94 Variety Results (6/97), PDF file, 39KB
No.3: '95 Variety Results (6/97), PDF file, 32KB

Transgenic Comparisons of Pink Bollworm Efficacy and Response to Heat Stress, PDF file, 43 KB (2002 Cotton Report article)

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Currently & Previously Registered Section 3 Plant-Incorporated Protectants (PIP) Registrations Data Maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

United States Regulatory Agencies Unified Biotechnology Website

Bt Cotton - site from the University of Arizona

Information on Ag Biotech Issues from the University of California, Berkley by Dr. Peggy Lemaux

U. S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

Food Biotechnology Communications Network a Canadian site on biotech issues

Biotechnology Information Resource (BIC) site from the National Agricultural Library of the US Department of Agriculture - ARS

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service - Agricultural Biotechnology

Checkbiotech is a privately owned, non-profit website that offers up-to-date news, events and information surrounding alternative energy through agriculture, agricultural genetics, orphan and rare diseases and BioValley life sciences. Checkbiotech is operated in conjunction with the ACCESS! program at the University of Basel, which is designed to help participants prepare themselves for their future career

Council for Agricultural Science and Technology CAST assembles, interprets, and communicates science-based information regionally, nationally, and internationally on food, fiber, agricultural, natural resource, and related societal and environmental issues to legislators, regulators, policy makers, the media, the private sector, and the public

The International Food Information Council Foundation non-profit organization that collects and disseminates scientific information on food safety, nutrition and health. Supported primarily by the broad-based food, beverage and agricultural industries.

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