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Survey on IPM for Herbicide Tolerant and Insect Resistant Crops


Herbicide tolerant and/or insect resistant (HTIR) crops, including both traditionally bred and genetically engineered varieties, can simplify pest management and may have a variety of effects on the environment. While some of these impacts may be positive, most growers, researchers, and regulators recognize that problems can arise if these technologies are not properly managed.

The purpose of this survey was to gather input on the consequences of HTIR crops in the Western U.S., especially with regard to their impacts on integrated pest management (IPM) practices. The survey was being conducted by a workgroup of Western crop, insect, and weed scientists, under the auspices of a USDA-Western IPM project. The survey results will be used to develop a set of priorities for research and information needs in the West regarding appropriate management of HTIR crops.

Click here to view survey results (pdf format, 382 kb)


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