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Mean Consumptive Water Use Charts by Crop*

Alfalfa (gif files 17KB, 45KB)
Broccoli (gif files 11KB, 54KB)
Cantaloupe, early (gif files 12KB, 51KB)
Cantaloupe, late (gif files 13KB, 62KB)
Cauliflower (gif files 12KB, 28KB)
Cotton (gif files 14KB, 45KB)
Grapefruit (gif files 13KB, 31KB)
Lettuce (gif files 9KB, 42KB)
Onion, dry (gif files 14KB, 52KB)
Orange (gif files 13KB, 31KB)
Detour signPistachio (New Mexico State University)
Safflower (gif files 14KB, 42KB)
Sweet Corn (gif files 11KB, 50KB)
Wheat (gif files 13KB, 40KB)
Detour signTurf Irrigation Managment - (University of Arizona)

*From: 1982 L.J. Erie, O.F. French, D.A. Bucks and K. Harris. Consumptive Use of Water by Major Crops in the Southwestern United States. USDA-ARS Conservation Research Report Number 29. (Complete copy, PDF file, 886KB)

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