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Classification, Properties, and Management of Aridisols

This presentation has been converted from a slide, tape, and booklet presentation by C.B. Mack and O.A. Chadwick, published in 1987 by the Office of Arid Lands Studies. The original was based on the 1975 edition of Soil Taxonomy, and while we have tried to be faithful to the original, Soil Taxonomy has recently been updated, and many parts of it were changed. Since many soils have been classified using the old system and many soil scientists trained on it, Joe Tabor has made some changes and additions to the original text to bridge the old to the new by explaining how the soils shown in the slides are classified in both systems. Please forgive any confusion this has caused, but we would like have the information here be as useful as possible.

Introduction to Aridic Soils
Soil Taxonomy
Diagnostic Soil Horizons
Introduction to Soil Horizons
The Diagnostic Horizons
Classifications Within the Order Aridisol
Suborders and Great Groups
Argid Suborder
Orthid Suborder
Subgroups, Using the Haplargid Great Group as an Example
Soils of Arid Regions Not in the Aridisol Order
Management of Aridic Soils
Irrigation of Aridic Soils
Saline Soils
Sodic Soils and Saline-Sodic Soils
Final Considerations
Last revised: 29 August 2001
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