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Murat Kacira, Professor
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  Controlled Environment Agriculture Center
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The mision of the Advanced Sensing & Climate Control Lab for Sustainable CEA Systems is to establish resource use efficient CEA systems with novel sensing & monitoring and climate control technologies as a part of University of Arizona CEA research program
  • Computer vision guided cop diagnostics system watching over lettuce canopy in floating hydroponics system


    Robotic eye
  • Computer imaging and plant response based stress detection


    Graduate student D. Story is monitoring tomato crop with thermal imaging system

    Thermal Imaging Unit
  • Hands on student learning on integrated vision system for crop monitoring


    Graduate student D. Story working on integration of tri-camera (NIR/IR/Color) system

    TriCamera unit
  • images/SlideShow/Image08b.jpg

    TriCamera unit-1
  • Alternative energy integrated sustainable food production systems


    Off-the-grid, solar powered greenhouse crop production system

    Off-grid GH
  • images/SlideShow/Image12.jpg

    Off-grid GH
  • Alternative energy integrated, resource use efficient GH systems


    Graduate student P. Juang working with tomato crop in off-grid high tunnel greenhouse system

    Off-grid GH
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of greenhosue aerodynamics


    Graduate student E. Tamimi working with CFD to evaluate climate uniformity in naturally vented high pressure fogging system integrated GH system

    Off-grid GH
  • Deploying distributed and integrated sensor&instrumentation system for in-depth analysis of greenhouse microclimate and greenhouse/crop energy balance & modeling studies


    greenhouse sensors
  • High pressure fogging system for GH cooling


    Greenhouse Fogging
  • Planting a new tomato crop to experiment on new effective evaporative cooling strategies


    Greenhouse Fogging
  • Establishment of new crop for experimentation with fog and natural ventilation systems


    greenhouse sensors
  • National Institute for Rural Engineering, Japan


    Wind Tunnel preparations for greenhouse aerodynamics studies.

    greenhouse aerodynamics
  • National Institute for Rural Engineering, Japan


    Scaled greenhouse models to study greenhouse aerodynamics in wind tunnels.

    greenhouse aerodynamics