Verde Valley AVA (proposed) Soil

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Soils derive from the geology of an area and their physical and chemical properties help determine characteristics like water infiltration, storage, and draining, erodibility, and acidity or alkalinity. These components can inform winegrape growers on site and variety suitability, vineyard design and infrastructure, vine growth and yield, as well as potential wine styles for which their fruit may be best.




Parent Material

map of parent material for proposed Verde Valley AVA

Parent material is the type of bedrock from which soil forms.

Major Rock Types

map of major rock types for proposed Verde Valley AVA

Major rock types are the most common solid, loose, and unstratified rocks, defined by composition, texture, and origin.

Depth to Bedrock

map of depth to bedrock for proposed Verde Valley AVA

Depth to bedrock represents the distance between the soil surface and the top of a restrictive layer.


map of soil texture for proposed Verde Valley AVA

Texture refers to the relative proportions of mineral grains in soil based on their size.

Drainage Class

map of soil drainage class for proposed Verde Valley AVA

Drainage class describes the occurrence and movement of water in soil.

Available Water Storage

map of available water storage for proposed Verde Valley AVA

Available water storage represents the amount of water soil can store for plants.


map of soil pH for proposed Verde Valley AVA

pH reflects the relative acidity or alkalinity of soil.