Julie Wong at microscope Casey Lohrenz working with sideoats grama
Would you work with us? Pictured L-R: Kandres Halbrook, Mary Comeau, Michael Ottman, and Christian Rusk.

undergraduates in the group

Undergraduate students play many roles in our research and education programs. In research, they may serve as assistants involved in routine plant care and treatment imposition, data collection and management. They may also function as independent researchers and be concerned with the design of experiments and the analysis and interpretation of results. Because our research program is relatively small, it provides excellent opportunities for undergraduates to work one-on-one with Steve Smith and to conduct their own independent research. In addition to permitting intensive hands-on learning about plants, these are excellent opportunities to learn more about how research is actually done. Many former undergraduates who have worked in our group have continued on to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees and careers in research and natural resource management.

Undergraduates also have the opportunity to gain experience in instruction serving as preceptors (teaching assistants) in two courses taught by Dr. Smith (Plant Biology and Field Botany). Preceptors may be involved in all elements of the delivery of University education including organization of materials for laboratory sessions, execution of review or help sessions, presentation of lecture or laboratory sessions, or generation of exams or other evaluation tools. Contact Dr. Smith if you have questions about undergraduate opportunities in our group.