Christian Rusk
Laptop the cat
Laptop keeps a watchful eye on the the plants and people.
A yellow laborador resting
Willow the Laborador supervising Steve's activities.
Biscuit the cat
Biscuit supervises field production.
Buddy a big terrier mix
Buddy is responsible for chasing bunnies, quail, and large lizards around the greenhouse complex.
Laborador and Datura
Willow likes Datura.
People and a potato
Honorary group members Dr. David Byrne and Bridget Riceci enjoy an outing in their home country. On your next visit, remember, "Free 'taters to out of staters."

greenhouse staff

Christian Rusk worked as a research assistant in our program from 2004-2007. Christian received a B. Arch. from the University of Arizona. He was responsible for day-to-day plant care and maintenance as well as data collection and management for projects where Steve Smith is the lead investigator.