Arizona Rainfall Roundup


The Rainfall Roundup is now Rainlog.Org

What is the Rainfall Roundup?

This is an effort to organize a cooperative rainfall monitoring network across Arizona. Data collected through this network will be used in drought monitoring programs at the county, state, and national levels.

Why do we need more rainfall data?

Precipitation amounts are highly variable through space and time across Arizona due to topography and seasonal weather patterns. This is especially true during the monsoon season when thunderstorms can produce heavy rainfall events that are very localized.

The image to the right shows a typical distribution of observations used to track monthly rainfall amounts. Gaps exist over large parts of the state. Your observations will help close these gaps providing valuable information to be used in drought monitoring and resource management decision-making.

How can I participate?

Check out!

What products will come out of this project?

I will compile all of the data received each month and produce a map that will be posted on this website (maps will be posted here). This map will be very useful in tracking high-resolution variability in precipitation patterns and potential changes in drought status. This preliminary effort will encourage others to participate and over time more and more observations will be integrated, improving the overall resolution of the maps.

Will additional climate and drought monitoring be implemented through this program?

Yes! Depending on where volunteers are located, I would like to implement snowfall monitoring by next winter. Broader drought monitoring is also being designed to be implemented through this program. This would include flow monitoring in streams, drought impact surveys and plant phenology monitoring. A climate monitoring forum is being built and should be operational within the next few months. Rainfall Roundup participants will be encouraged to join this forum to hear about further monitoring opportunities.


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