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Pest Management Strategic Plans

The Arid Southwest IPM Network participates in identification of IPM priorities for the low-desert region we represent. A primary source for identifying stakeholder IPM needs is the development and revision of Pest Management Strategic Plans (PMSPs) for our region. ASIPM Network partner states are represented on the following PMSPs:

PMSP for Western Alfalfa and Clover Production

PMSP for Rangeland Beef in the Western US

PMSP for California and Arizona Lettuce Production

PMSPs involving California can be viewed here (select "all commodities" and search "California"). Note that many of these do involve desert production regions of the state.

PMSPs currently in progress include Low Desert Upland Cotton (Arizona and California) and IPM in Schools (national).


Arizona Pest Management Center Summit

The 2006 Arizona Pest Management Center Summit assembled University of Arizona faculty members involved in pest management related research and outreach, along with key stakeholders from urban, agricultural and natural resource sectors, in a forum to identify IPM program needs and priorities, and to discuss the role of the Arizona Pest Management Center and UA Extension in addressing these challenges.

View Proceedings from 2006 APMC Summit




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