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The Western IPM Center is one of four Regional IPM Centers in a national network established to strengthen USDA’s connection with production agriculture, research and extension programs, and agricultural stakeholders throughout the United States. The Regional IPM Centers fund competitive grants to enhance pest management research and education, to strengthen partnerships and collaborations, and to identify regional pest management priorities through a process of stakeholder input.

The Arizona Pest Management Center (APMC) is an umbrella organization that brings together all IPM-related interests and activities at the University of Arizona, including community and agricultural IPM programs, pest detection and diagnostics, natural resource management, pesticide education and IPM assessment. The APMC serves as the coordinating unit for region-wide IPM activities and communication in collaboration with partner organizations in other states that share in our unique desert environment and pest management challenges of the southwest U.S.

The Arizona Crop Information Site (ACIS) provides independent, research-based desert crop production and pest management information. This is a comprehensive resource for technical information about desert crop production, based at the University of Arizona.

The Arizona Plant Diagnostics Network (AZPDN) is a consortium of researchers, diagnosticians, and regulatory personnel from the University of Arizona, Arizona Department of Agriculture, and USDA/APHIS. The mission of the AZPDN is to develop and enhance diagnostic capacity within the state of Arizona for pathogens, insects, weeds, and abiotic disorders, and to create a comprehensive organizational structure to increase our ability to respond to these threats. The AZPDN is part of the Western Plant Diagnostic Network and the National Plant Diagnostic Network.


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