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Geum aleppicum - yellow avens

Synonyms: Geum aleppicum ssp. strictum, G. aleppicum var. strictum, G. strictum, G. strictum var. decurrens
Other Common Names: common avens, Aleppo avens
Plant Form: Forb or Subshrub

Family: Rosaceae

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Patrick Alexander @, Usage Rights: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)
Colorado State University, Charles Maurer Herbarium, Usage Rights: CC BY-NC (Attribution-Non-Commercial)
Patrick Alexander @, Usage Rights: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)
Stem with hairs
Patrick Alexander @, Usage Rights: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)
Forb Plant Description

Origin: Native   Life Cycle: Perennial   Similar Species: Geum macrophyllum, Geum macrophyllum var. perincisum
General Desc: Erect perennial with a few thick, strong, hairy stems. Feather-like green leaves are hairy with wedge to egg-shaped leaflets that vary in size. The 1/2 inch yellow flowers have 5 round, hairy petals and grow in loosely branched clusters at the stem tips.
Identification notes: Stems stout, stiff hairs, leafy; leaves highly variable, basal leaves 5 to 9 leaflets, wedge-shaped at base, upper leaflet largest, stem leaves smaller, mostly 3 leaflets; flowers erect, yellow, petals hairy, upper style segment hairy, bent like a knee.
Height: To nearly 4 feet


Habitat Description: Found in swamps, streams, wet to moist meadows, marshes, damp forests as well as in waste areas and roadsides.
Plant Communities: Riparian, Disturbed Areas
Elevation: 5500 - 9500 feet

Flower Characteristics

Color: Yellow     Shape: Regular in elongated clusters     Tubular: N     Flowering Period: Jul - Aug
Description: Flowers are erect on long hairy stalks in a loosely branched cluster. Each 1/2 inch wide flower has 5 hairy, rounded petals that are a bit longer than the 5 leaf-like sepals that grow beneath them. Sepals triangular, tips pointed, hairy below.

Leaf and Stem Characteristics

Leaf Color: Dark green     Leaf Type: Compound     Leaf Shape: Round or oval     Leaf Margin: Toothed     Leaf Attachment: Basal and alternate     Leaves Clasp: N
Hairs: Leaves and stems     Spines: N
Leaf Description: Upper stems have many more short, stiff, spreading hairs than the lower stems. Basal leaves have 5 to 9 leaflets, stem leaves usually have 3 with the end leaflet often divided into 2 or 3 pointed lobes. Leaflets are hairy and vary greatly in size.

Fruit and Seed Characteristics

Fruit Color: Brown   
Fruit Type: Achene
Fruit Notes: Fruit is dry and 1-seeded with a flat oval shape that is longer than wide, 1/8 to 1/4 inch long. At the base of the fruit is a long, pointed, hooked tip (beak) with a few hairs that catch onto animal fur or clothing, helping to disperse the seed.
Seed Notes: The seeds require 60 days of cold exposure (stratification) to germinate.

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