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Project Background

Yavapai County Master Gardeners began taking photos of native plants in the higher elevations of Yavapai County, Arizona, in July 2007. The goal of the project was to provide educational information to aid Master Gardeners in plant identification and to aid the community in selecting the appropriate native and water-wise plants for their habitats.

Photos were taken over a multi-year period to capture the plants’ seasonal changes. Originally the website contained the common native and naturalized cacti, shrubs, succulents, trees, vines and grasses of the Prescott area. It has been expanded to include plants identified in the USDA Plant Database as present in Yavapai County. Current efforts are focused on including forbs identified in the USDA Plant Database.

This website was developed by a team of Yavapai County Master Gardeners. Special thanks to Sue Smith, team leader, website and database developer, and to Sarah Amyotte, Sue Arnold, Peggy Ahola, Peggy Aronowitz, Mary Barnes, Pam Bowman, Deborah Boush, Marion Douglas, Bob Gessner, Wendy Heald, Dr. Charles Johnson, Judy Kennedy, Doug McMillan, Susie Percy, Janet Schieber, Linda Scheerer, Bev Turnbull, Tracy Wiederaenders and Carol Young for researching, reviewing, documenting, editing, and testing.

Max Licher, Sedona botanist, provided assistance in plant identification.

Jeff Schalau, County Director, Agent, Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Yavapai County, provided support and guidance to the project team. John Kava, Research Specialist, at the V Bar V Ranch, an Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station, researched and documented grass data. He also provided assistance identifying grasses.

Resources for this Project

Contributing Photographers

Photo captions show the subject of the photo, location where the photo was taken if available, and credidts for the photographer. Many images were sourced from Southwest Environmental Information Network SEINET

Photo Subject
Photographer Credits

Master Gardeners Who Contributed Photos :

Bob Gessner, Prescott, AZ
Bev Turnbull, Prescott, AZ
Charlie Johnson, Prescott, AZ
Doug McMillan, Prescott, AZ
Ginny Shugars, Prescott, AZ
John Kava, Prescott, AZ
Janet Schieber, Prescott, AZ
Jeff Schalau, Prescott, AZ
Kirby Hughes, Prescott, AZ
Mary Barnes, Chino Valley, AZ
Marv Mazur, Prescott, AZ
Sue Smith, Prescott, AZ
Wally Anderson, Prescott, AZ

Using Images on the Website

Images on this website may be freely used for educational purposes. If the photographer is a Master Gardener please credit their name and the Yavapai County Native and Naturalized Plants website. The following format is suggested and will be appreciated:

     photographer name @

Photos from other souces such as Southwest Environmental Information Network (SEINET) should be credited as shown on our web pages with links to the licensing.


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