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Examples of Research Projects

Potable Water Management

Comparison of Heterotrophic Plate Count Bacteria in Source Waters and Tucson Distribution Waters: July 2000–June 2001

  • Heterotrophic Plate Counts in Household Water
  • Characterization of Natural Organic Matter in CAP Water as Influenced by Recharge
  • Comprehensive Watershed Management for the Valley of the Sun
Water Security

Detection of protozoan parasites via fluorescent antibodies

  • Fate and Transport of Pathogens Associated with Biosolids
  • Heterotrophic Plate Count Bacteria in the Domestic Environments: The Role of HPC’s and POU’s in Pathogen Inactivation
  • Molecular Detection of the Emerging Pathogens: Microsporidia
Waste Reuse
  • Evaluation of Biological Aerosols from Land Applied Biosolids
  • Southeast Valley Regional Drainage Project, Vegetated Treatment System
  • Operation and Monitoring Program
  • Impact of Wildlife on Enteric Pathogens in a Constructed Wetlands
  • Comparison of the Effectiveness of Drainfields and Seepage Pits for Treatment of Septic Tank Effluent in Arizona
Student taking air samples in a field with applied biosolids


Evaluation of the potential for bioaerosols from land application of biosolids
Fate and Remediation of Commercial/Industrial Contamination

  • Evaluation of Introduced Microbes and Nutrients on Removal of Grease and BOD from Kitchen Waste
  • Regulatory Networks of Halophiles Utilized for Remediation of Co-Contaminated Industrial Effluents
  • Bench-Scale Analysis of Diesel-PCE Mixture Behavior for the Park–Euclid WQARF Site

Biosolids Applications Onto Mine Tailings and Agricultural Land

Mine Tailings before and after amendment with biosolids

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