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The Water Quality Center (WQC) Lab is located in the Fleischmann Building of the Environmental Research Laboratory, an off-campus University of Arizona facility. The Lab focuses on water quality and is equipped to perform state-of-the-art chemical and biological analyses. Chemical analyses include metals, salts, alkalinity, anions and dissolved organic carbon. Biological analyses include bacterial and viral pathogens and indicator organisms. The Lab also performs assays on other environmental samples including soils, wastes, effluents, and plant materials.

The Water Quality Lab only supports research, teaching, and extension programs, as well as special projects.

Inquiries regarding microbiological testing should be addressed to Charles Gerba, Professor at (520) 621-6906 or gerba@ag.arizona.edu.


The WQC lab is equipped to perform water, soil, waste, and plant, chemical and physical analyses using state-of-the-art analytical equipment, in the following categories:

  • Inorganic analysis of all types of water samples including drinking water and soil/waste/plant extracts.
    Categories include: metals, salts, anions.
  • Elemental analysis of solid samples such as soil, plant and waste.
    This includes: total carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur.
  • Carbon analysis of water samples.
    This includes: alkalinity, dissolved organic carbon.
  • Soil/sediment particle size distribution
    This includes: sand, silt and clay fractions.
  • Soil Moisture tension measurement.



Isolation of salmonella from environmental samples
Isolation of Salmonella from Environmental Samples

The WQC lab performs assays for the detection of bacteria and viruses in environmental samples.

  • total coliforms
  • fecal coliforms
  • E. coli
  • salmonella
  • giardia
  • helminths

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The faculty and staff associated with the WQC Lab works closely with clients to help them choose their analyses needs. To answer any questions and obtain a price list, please contact:

photo of the Fleischmann Laboratory

The Fleischmann Laboratory

The central facility for Water Quality Center Laboratory is located within the Environmental Research Laboratory's Fleischman Building.


Water Quality Center (WQC) Lab
2601 E. Airport Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85756

Dr. Atasi Ray-Maitra, Lab Manager:
(520) 626-2034

Dr. Janick Artiola, Lab Director
(520) 621-3516

Fax: (520) 573-0852

Inquiries regarding microbiological testing:

Charles Gerba
, Professor
(520) 621-6906