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From our paper on self tolerance in fly immunity
Mortimer et al. 2021

University of Arizona doing some cool stuff with bugs!
Robbie Reynold
KVOA News, 9/27/2021

What mutant flies can teach us about autoimmune disorders
Rosemary Brandt
UA News, 9/20/2021

From our paper on flies diversifying offspring in response to infection
Singh et al. 2015

Red Queen dynamics in fruit fly sex
Elizabeth Zuccala
Nature Reviews Genetics, 9/15/2015

Why sex? Experiments on fruit flies suggest it evolved to resist infection
Jerry Coyne
Why Evolution Is True, 8/17/2015

When parasites attack, flies diversify their babies’ genes
Ed Yong
National Geographic, 8/13/2015

Reed biologists show how parasites drive evolution
Chris Lydgate
Reed Magazine, 8/13/2015

When fruit flies get sick, their offspring become more diverse
NC State
EurekAlert, 8/13/2015

Article on newly elected AAAS Fellows

New AAAS fellows recognized for their contributions to advancing science
Kat Zambon
AAAS Website, 11/24/2014

From our paper on a wasp's calcium pump venom protein
Mortimer et al. 2013

Venomous SERCA
Nancy Gough
Science Signaling, Editor's Choice, 6/11/2013

Parasitic wasps use calcium pump to block fruit fly immunity
Carol Clark
EurekAlert, 5/20/2013

A silly article about getting rid of fruit flies in your kitchen

A surprising way to banish fruit flies
Danny Bonvissuto
HGTV Gardens, 4/5/2013

From our paper on flies laying eggs in alcohol when wasps are around
Kacsoh et al. 2013

Insects and alcohol
Bob Hirshon
AAAS, Science Update, 3/8/2013
link with audio

Fruit flies medicate young against parasites
Lydia O'Neal
The Emory Wheel, 3/4/2013

Mother flies dose offspring with alcohol
Bob McDonald
CBC, Quirks and Quarks, 2/23/2013
link with audio

Alkohol von Dr. Fliege
Volkart Wildermuth
German Public Radio, 2/22/2013
link with audio

Fruit flies use alcohol to protect their young from body-snatchers
Ed Yong
National Geographic, 2/21/2013

Fruit flies force their young to drink alcohol - for their own good
Carol Clark
eScience Commons, 2/21/2013

Interview about Drosophila as a model system

Life back then
Gary Niederhoff
SETI, Big Picture Science, 4/2/2012
link with audio

From our paper on infected fly larvae consuming alcohol
Milan et al. 2012

The parasite that drives flies to drink
Alex Wild
Scientific American, 3/5/2012

Fruit flies seek out alcohol
The Onion, 2/21/2012

Cheers! Fruit flies drink to their health, literally
Veronique Lacapra
NPR, All Things Considered, 2/21/2012
link with audio

Flies drink alcohol to medicate themselves against wasp infections
Ed Yong
Discover Magazine, 2/20/2012

Fruit flies resort to alcohol
Meera Senthilingam
BBC, Naked Scientists, 2/19/2010
link with audio

Anti-biotic booze
Bob McDonald
CBC, Quirks and Quarks, 2/18/2012
link with audio

To evict parasite, canny fruit flies pick their poison
Carl Zimmer
New York Times, 2/16/2012

Fruit flies use alcohol to self-medicate, but feel bad about it afterwards
Rob Dunn
Scientific American, 2/16/2012

Fruit flies use alcohol as a drug to kill parasites
Carol Clark
eScienceCommons, 2/16/2012
link with video