Verde Valley AVA Topography

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Features related to elevation, slope, aspect, and surface water are tied not only to average temperatures and precipitation amounts, but also to infrequent yet important weather events and practical issues for viticulture. These components can inform winegrape growers on site and variety suitability, vineyard design and infrastructure, vine growth and yield, as well as potential wine styles for which their fruit may be best.




Elevation map for Verde Valley AVA

Elevation creates pronounced differences in temperature and precipitation.


Slope map for Verde Valley AVA

Slope represents the change in elevation across an area.


Aspect map for Verde Valley AVA

Aspect is the cardinal direction that a slope faces.

Surface Water

Surface water map for Verde Valley AVA

Natural features that are perennial, intermittent, or ephemeral and engineered features like canals, ditches, and reservoirs make up surface water.