The authors wish to thank Robin Roche of the Center of Insect Science for her generous contributions to this project and for her wonderful enthusiasm.

We thank the teachers at Maricopa Elementary School, Maricopa, Arizona, especially Mary Ann Hunter, Principal for allowing us time to meet with the teachers, and Pamela Sekenski for her careful review during the pilot process.

We also would like to thank the following Ag in the Classroom teachers from throughout Arizona for their interest and help: Terry Adams, Marven Busby, Becky Cardon, Cheryl Carrell, Susan Clark, Nancy Diffendaffer, Caroline Franklin, Mary Margaret Gonzalez, Bob Hildebrandt, Nancy Kayhart, Hazel Maben, Donna McGaughey, Mary Ann Moseley, Jeff Simpson, and especially Grace Mateki, and Iris Wigal for their extra effort and insights. We also thank Ch risty Smith for her interest.

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