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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Research Awards 2001-2002


Researcher of the Year Award:
Vicki L. Chandler, Professor of Plant Sciences

Vick Chandler is extraordinarily active professionally as a leader in the field of biology, a highly respected faculty citizen at the University of Arizona and an outstanding teacher of undergraduate and graduate students, both in and outside the classroom. She joined the UA Department of Plant Sciences in 1997.

Internationally recognized for her genetics research, Chandler has done pioneering work on gene expression in plants. Currently, her research focuses on gene regulation using the anthocyanin biosynthic pathway in maize as a model system. (Anthocyanins are the red/blue/purple pigments in plants). She has identified previously unknown regulators of anthocyanin biosynthesis and candidate genes that regulate known gene transcription factors. She is also using forward and reverse genetic approaches to identify genes involved in chromatin-level gene regulation, and to determine how they modulate transposon activity and gene silencing.

Chandler has authored more than 60 scientific papers in top-rated journals. Her research has been funded by NIH, National Science Foundation and USDA. She is a major contributor on two multi-investigator grants totaling over $22 million dollars, and her laboratory has direct support this year of approximately $1 million dollars.

Chandler has served on numerous competitive grant panels. She was appointed this year to the NSF Biological Directorate Advisory Committee, serves on the editorial board for Plant Physiology and Genetics, and is a member of the board of directors for the International Society of Plant Molecular Biology. She chairs the board of trustees for the Gordon Research Conferences and is currently president of the American Society of Plant Biologists

Outstanding Staff in Research Award:
Georgina Lambert, Research Specialist Senior

Georgina Lambert has worked since 1991 in David Galbraith’s laboratory in the Department of Plant Sciences. She is a valued colleague who has demonstrated her ability to respect different cultures and recognize excellence in others. Lambert has a unique combination of technical, scientific and administrative skills. She really cares about the University of Arizona, wants this university to be successful and wants all staff members to contribute to and share in that success.

Lambert is a coauthor on twelve publications since 1994. Her writing and editorial skills are impressive, and she is a well-organized individual who pays necessary attention to detail.

Her responsibilities with numerous instruments and technologies in the laboratory include training, operation, maintenance and scheduling for faculty and staff. Some of the instrumentation includes a BioRad confocal/multiphoton microscope, a Molecular Dynamics Storm Phosphorimager, a Partec flow cytometer, a GeneMachines microarrayer, the GSI Lumonics Microarray Scanner, various robotic laboratory workstations and the Cytomation MoFlo flow cytometer/cell sorter.

She also provides regular seminars and demonstrations of instrumentation for scheduled classes and for ad hoc visitors. She has served as member and chair of the College Staff Council, a founding member of the Staff Development Team and sits on the Quality Guidance Council.

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