Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 40(2): 59. 1913. Scaly globemallow. Thin leaves.

Plants: To
Stems: To 50 cm, usually less, pubescence lepidote, meaning hairs with rays in a single plane, all united at the base by a web for 30% or more of their length.
Roots: Taprooted with some branching below ground.
Leaves: Parted to divided, usually little longer than wide. secondary lobes few or none.
Inflorescences: 1-2 flowers per node, usually without branches
Flowers: Orange, anthers dark purple.
Fruit/Carpels: Dehiscent part of carpel noticeably narrower and shorter than indehiscent (reticulate) part, comprising less than 1/3 of the whole

Distribution and Habitat
Arizona, New Mexico, western Texas, Utah, and Colorado. In Arizona, S. leptophylla is found mostly in Great Basin scrub and Great Basin Grasslands on soil from sedimentary substrates.