Support the UA Herbarium

Please consider us in your gift-giving plans. Volunteers and contributors make it
possible for us to continue to serve.

How can your donation help? Here are some examples:


    $50 buys 100 sheets of archival mounting paper (we need about 5000 per year).
    $75 buys a gallon of archival glue.
    $250 buys new books needed for plant identification or toxicity assessments.
    $1000 helps support an undergraduate student to be trained in plant diversity
    and museum curation.

Any amount is appreciated! If we have helped identify something from your yard,
your field, or your construction site, please keep us in mind!

Graduate education endowment:

Help us establish an endowment to support graduate student research in plant
biodiversity. In such an endowment, the principle would be held in perpetuity
and the earnings would be used to competitively fund research projects or
scholarships. Our short-term goal is to open a new endowment with at least
$10,000. Our long-term goal is to offer scholarships to excellent graduate
students who want to pursue rigorous and creative questions in the science of
plant diversity.

If you are inspired by the opportunity to create such a legacy, please contact
Director Shelley McMahon for more information.

Donations are processed by the UA Foundation and are tax deductible to the maximum
extent allowed by law. Please indicate in the comments field if you would like to
contribute towards an endowment.