Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge 3(5): 17–18. 1852. Spear globemallow, spreading globemallow. Spear, no doubt referring to the spear-point shaped leaves.

Plants: perennial subshrubs
Stems: to 40 cm
Roots: branching below ground, often with rootstocks, sometimes appearing taprooted
Leaves:divided, cleft, parted, or un-lobed, cuneate to truncate.
Inflorescences: racemose, narrow, at least in distal half, often crowded, sometimes with longer branches at base, 1--3 flowers per node, pedicels about equal to or less than calyx.
Flowers:orange, lavender, pink.
Fruit/Carpels: Indehiscent part 1/3 or more of the whole, usually with coarse reticulation, often with large fenestration.

Distribution and Habitat
Most of Arizona, except the western deserts, most of New Mexico, western Texas and Mexico south to Vera Cruz.S. hastulata prefers grassland. It grows in loose soils where its rootstocks are an effective propagation tool.