A General History of the Dichlamydeous Plants 1: 465. 1831. Copper globemallow, narrowleat globemallow. Narrow leaf.

Plants: Perennial subshrubs.
Stems: To 180 cm.
Roots: Taprooted.
Leaves: Unlobed to cleft, more than three times as long as wide.
Inflorescences:Narrow, often crowded, sometimes with short branches at the base, with leaves to or almost to the apex, pedicels usually shorter than the calyx.
Flowers: shades of orange or lavender.
Fruit/Carpels: Carpels often persistent on fruit, Indehscent part 1/3 or more of whole, apex usualy mucronate, reticulation usually distiinct.

Distribution and Habitat
A widespread species found from near Mexico City in the south, through the western edge of Texas, most of Arizona and New Mexico, the plains of Colorado, southwest Utah, parts of southern California, and southern Nevada. S. angustifolia is found along roadsides in much of its range. Although it can be found on slopes, it occurs most often on disturbed flats in low areas. In Arizona it is found mostly in grasslands of different types.