Senna artemisioides subsp. × sturtii

Botanical Name

Senna artemisioides (de Candolle) Randell subsp. × sturtii (R. Brown) Randell

Common Name(s)

  • Sturt's cassia
  • velvet cassia
  • dense cassia
  • grey cassia

Legume Clades

Native Geographic Range

  • Australia

IUCN Status

Growth Form



Evergreen shrubs to 6.5 ft (2 m) high with gray bark that becomes slightly rough with age. Leaves are dull, dark green and are once-pinnate with 2--8 pairs of narrowly elliptic leaflets. The plants produce masses of yellow flowers in late winter and early spring.


Native to Australia where it is widespread in inland areas in desert, grassland, and woodland habitats.


Sometimes browsed by livestock.


Sturt's cassia is grown as a flowering shrub. Growth rate is moderate to fast with irrigation. Though drought tolerant, occasional irrigation in hot, dry weather helps to maintain appearance. The plants are damaged below 21° F (-6° C). Severe freezes can kill Sturt's cassia. This plant is potentially invasive in natural areas.