Senegalia roemeriana

Botanical Name

Senegalia roemeriana (Scheele) Britton & Rose

Common Name(s)

  • Roemer's acacia

Legume Clades

Native Geographic Range

  • Southwestern North America

IUCN Status

Growth Form

small tree

Cultivation Status in AZ

Rarely cultivated


Deciduous shrubs or rarely trees to 20+ ft (6 m) high. The bark is smooth and gray, and becomes somewhat rough and fissured on larger trunks. The twigs are armed with prickles. Leaves are bipinnate with 1--3 pairs of pinnae, each with 3--8 pairs of leaflets. Flowers are whitish and are produced in spherical inflorescences in the spring.


Native to central, southern, and western Texas, and southeatern New Mexico, and also in northeastern Mexico. It is found in grassland, woodland, and thornscrub on slopes, valley, and along arroyos.


The flowers are desirable bee forage for honey production.


Roemer's acacia has rarely been available from nurseries. I can be trained into a small tree but the prickly stems are a hazard near traffic areas until it has grown to a height where lower stems can be removed. The plants can be planted as a barrier. This species is hardy to at least 0° F (-18° C). The fallen fruits and leaflets produce minor litter.