Acacia prainii

Botanical Name

Acacia prainii Maiden

Common Name(s)

  • Prain's wattle

Legume Clades

Native Geographic Range

  • Australia

IUCN Status

Growth Form

small tree

Cultivation Status in AZ

Uniquely cultivated by DELEP


Evergreen, unarmed shrubs 5—10 ft (1.5—3 m) high or rarely small trees to 16 ft (5 m) high with several to numerous stems arising from near the base. Bark smooth and reddish brown. Phyllodes (leaves) are dull green, slender, and are 1¼—4 in (3—10 cm) long. Flowers are yellow and are produced in rounded heads. Flowering takes place in the winter and spring.


Found across the southwestern quarter of Australia in inland dry regions. It occurs in various scrub and dry woodland communities on plains in a variety of soil types. It is somewhat tolerant of salinity.


None reported.


Prain’s wattle is suitable for use as a hedge or screen, and as a windbreak. The plants have a symmetrical growth habit. No pest or disease problems have been observed on cultivated plants and litter is minimal. Growth rate is moderate with supplemental irrigation. Established plants are quite drought tolerant. This species is hardy to at least 18° (-7.7° C). Prain’s wattle is not in commercial nursery production in the U.S. at present.