Acacia brachystachya

Botanical Name

Acacia brachystachya Bentham

Common Name(s)

  • umbrella mulga
  • turpentine mulga

Legume Clades

Native Geographic Range

  • Australia

IUCN Status

Growth Form


Cultivation Status in AZ

Rarely cultivated


Evergreen, unarmed shrubs or trees to 16 ft (5 m) high with a low-branched, spreading canopy. The bark is gray and becomes fissured with age. Phyllodes (leaves) are dull green, slender, and are 2—4 or rarely to 7 in (5—11 (---18) cm) long. Flowers are yellow in small cylindrical inflorescences. Flowering can occur throughout the year in response to adequate moisture and warmth.


Widely distributed in south central Australia. The plants typically occur as scattered individuals and are found in a wide range of soils and habitats.


Occasionally browsed by livestock in Australia.


Umbrella wattle has a moderate growth rate. That plants have a low-branched growth habit so may require some pruning when young to lift them up. This species has not been damaged by temperatures of 18° F (-7.7° C) in cultivation. No pest or disease problems have been noted. The trees are wind-resistant. Litter is minimal. Established plants can tolerate extended drought conditions with no adverse effects. This attractive tree is tolerant of the rigors of the desert environment and the canopy casts filtered shade. Umbrella wattle has been occasionally available from nurseries in Arizona in the past.