Legumes of Arizona - an Illustrated Flora and Reference

Legumes of Arizona - an Illustrated Flora and Reference will be a comprehensive guide to all of the native, naturalized, and commercially grown legumes found in Arizona, including landscape species. The book will include dichotomous keys for identification and descriptions of each plant. Also included will be information on flowering times, habitat, and distribution. Unlike traditional floras, Legumes of Arizona will include discussion sections for each plant that will provide information on ecology, uses and potential uses, and horticultural information for those plants with landscape application. Distribution maps will accompany each taxon. Each genus will include at least one line illustration with two or more illustrations provided for larger genera. Many of these were created specifically for Legumes of Arizona. Several pages of color photographs will highlight this diverse family of plants. The book has been written with a minimum of technical jargon and is intended to be of use to a broad audience including professional and amateur biologists, ranchers, farmers, land managers, outdoor enthusiasts, landscapers, and home gardeners. Legumes of Arizona will serve as the reference for this important group of plants in the state for decades to come.

The Legumes of Arizona project has been jointly sponsored by the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. Major financial support has been provided by the Wallace Research Foundation. We anticipate that the book will be available in late 2021.