DELEP Demonstration Garden

In 2019, work began to develop DELEP's Field 3 at the UA Campus Agricultural Center (north side of E Roger Rd, just east of N Campbell Ave in Tucson) into a demonstration garden and outdoor teaching space. Design work was undertaken by graduate students in the Landscape Architecture program of the UA School of Architecture under the guidance of Dr. Margaret Livingston. In 2021, seven mature trees from DELEP's decommissioned field at the West Campus Agricultural Center were boxed and transplanted into Field 3 to augment the plants already growing there. Eventual plans include an outdoor ramada, pathways, and interpretive signage. This will become part of a greenbelt between the Cooperative Extension facilities and the Tucson Village Farms office.

Our living, growing, plants provide seeds for the seedbank, allow us to continue evaluations for frost and drought tolerance, and make wonderfully rich habitat for birds and other wildlife in our urban farm location.

The following is a complete list of all plants growing in our demonstration garden. Each highlighted scientific name provides a link to a profile page on that species. Please explore, and let us know if you have questions!