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ACIS Insect Field Collection Photos

Guide to Lygus Bug Identification (2003) - fantastic new publication, lots of great pictures and id pointers from the University of California
Cowpea Aphid in Alfalfa (Yuma Co. Farm Notes, 1/01)
Alfalfa Aphid Complex (1998) (4 pp.) PDF file, 85 KB
Alfalfa Caterpillar/Butterfly (1998) (2 pp.) PDF file, 74 KB
Beet Armyworm (1998) (3 pp.) PDF file, 75 KB
Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil (1998) (3 pp.) PDF file, 48 KB
Detour signHow far bees carry pollen in alfalfa (with transgenic focus) USDA-ARS (10/01)
Detour signUC Pest Management Guidelines

The Lygus in Cotton Series:
No.1: Identification, Biology and Management (7/98), PDF file, 66KB
Other issues related to Lygus management in cotton

Detour signManaging Lygus Bug in a Regional Context (UCCE Newsletter), page 3 of 9, PDF file, 138KB
The Community-Wide (Central AZ) Lygus Action Plan Newsletter Series
July 10, 2000, PDF file, 41KB
June 30, 2000, PDF file, 46KB
June 23, 2000, PDF file, 67KB
June 16, 2000, PDF file, 53KB
June 9, 2000, PDF file, 47KB
June 2, 2000, PDF file, 18KB
May 26, 2000, PDF file, 34KB
May 18, 2000, PDF file, 49KB
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